Alemadi Group

Who Are We

Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim Alemadi

Chairman's Message

Founded in the Year 1961 as a joint venture between Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim & Asad Emadi, Alemadi Group became one of the largest distributors of air conditioners and home appliances in the State of Qatar. They were the first and exclusive suppliers of television sets in the State of Qatar. In the year 1974, Alemadi group won the Exclusive dealership of O General Air conditioners in the State of Qatar. Since then O General Air conditioners became the flagship product. The company consolidated further and gradually went on to became one of the largest air- conditioning contractors in the country. The company continued its journey and grew from strength to strength to finally become a major player in the industry. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim took over as the chairman of the group after buying the rest of the shares in the company in 2013. The group then added more valuable brands to its prestigious list of product and activities. Under the able leadership of Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim, the company continues its remarkable journey of growth by understanding the latest market trend, innovation and adding value to their environmentally friendly products.


It All Started In 1961

When Alemadi group entered the market as a supplier and contractor of air conditioning equipment’s. With their flagship product O General, Alemadi group went on to become the largest stock distributor and contractor in Qatar. The Group then quietly expanded its business to commercial electronics, white goods and domestic home appliances. Alemadi group became one of the leading trading and contracting companies not only in the HVAC industry, but also in mechanical and home appliances sector. Al emadi Group launched its own flagship brands Aveva and Reem which has started making a mark in the field of home appliances. The company is aggressively spreading its wavings across the GCC. Alemadi group consists of several companies today which includes Al Emadi Import and Export Est. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahim Al Emadi Trading Company, Al Emadi Electronics, Al Seef, Arabian Contractor Company, Blackstone international etc.

The Secret Of Success


As the owner of the company, you must have a positive attitude and accept 100 percent of the responsibility for the results of your business.

Customer Service

Customer service means taking care of your customers. aImost cases, the business plan dictates how they will provide quality customer service.

Company Culture

Culture is defined as the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon man’s capacity for leaning and transmitting knowledge succeeding generations.

Business Strategy

A Complex strategy or business plan isn’t necessary to achieve success. A simple one-page document will do, but it should be well thought out and well executed